Our Sister Concern

National Power Industries
1885, Pada Pole, Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad - 380001.
Manufacturers, Stockists & Suppliers

Transmission Line Material and Substation Equipment, Single Phase Switch, Porcelain Insulators, G.O.A.B. Switch, D.O. Fuse, Operating Road, Lightening Arrestor, Fuse Elements, All type of Porcelain Holders Kit-Kit fuse, Endshield Switchblock, Transformer's & OCB's Bushing, Crain Insulator, G.I. Shackle Straps, Bolts, Spindle, Clamps & Dise fittings, Stayset, Staywire, Turn-buckle, Earthing Material, Rubber handgloves, Rubber matting, AAC & ACSR Conductor, P.G.Clamp, Sleeves, Connectors, Danger board, Cable jointing material, Cable glands, Cable compound, H.T. Tape Roll, Epoxy insulators, PVC Reel Insulator & Egg Insulator, Lead seal, Sealing wire etc.

Testing Facilities