National Power Industries

Our products Range

Transmission Line Material and Substation Equipment, Load Break Switch, HTMC Panel, Metering Cubicle Panel, Single Phase Switch, Porcelain Insulators, G.O.A.B. Switch, D.O. Fuse, Operating Rod, Discharging Rod, Lightening Arrestor, Earthing Electrode, Fuse Elements, All type of Porcelain Holders Kit-Kit fuse, Endshield Switchblock, Transformer's & OCB's Bushing, Crain Insulator, G.I. Shackle Straps, Bolts, Spindle, Clamps & Dise fittings, Stayset, Staywire, Turn-buckle, Earthing Material, Rubber handgloves, Rubber matting, AAAC & ACSR Conductor, P.G.Clamp, Sleeves, Connectors, Danger board, Cable jointing material, Cable glands, Cable compound, H.T. Tape Roll, Epoxy insulators, PVC Reel Insulator & Egg Insulator, Transformer and CTPT, Lead seal, Sealing wire etc.

Testing Facilities